Why Pick American Lamb

Only American Lamb delivers the freshness, flavor and quality that customers expect and deserve.
According to recent studies, customers prefer American Lamb to imported lamb; they ranked it superior in terms of quality, taste and healthfulness. In fact, over one third of Americans indicated they would ask for American Lamb if they could only find imported lamb in their grocery store's meat case.

Customers choose American lamb over the imported competition for the following reasons:

Freshness - No Frequent Flyer Miles
American Lamb travels up to 10,000 fewer miles and about 30 days less than its foreign competition. That's an advantage that speaks for itself.

Flavor - Mild, Buttery
How does American Lamb get its great mild, buttery flavor? It's how we raise them. Most American Lamb are fed a combination of mixed grains and mixed grasses; this feed contributes to a milder, less gamey flavor.

Overall Meat Quality - Bred for Meat, Not Wool
American Lamb are bred primarily for quality meat. Most imported lamb are bred for quality wool. American Lamb reflects this difference in its overall quality, flavor and texture.

Availability - Never Out of Season
Several value cuts of American Lamb are available year round. These include loin, rack, leg, shoulder, ground lamb, shanks and ribs.

Value - Bigger & Meatier
American Lamb yields more meat on the bone than imported lamb. A 2002 study reported that the eye of an American Lamb rib chop provides 38% more meat than Australia and New Zealand rib chops. And, the cost of American Lamb is comparable to that of other premium meats.

Ease of Preparation - Easy & Delicious
American Lamb, because of its mild flavor, lends itself to a variety of flavorings and cooking methods. Complicated recipes are not required in order to prepare delicious dishes with American Lamb.